End hunger - grow farming

Farm Africa helps African farmers grow themselves out of poverty and end hunger forever.

With our help, rural families are building a more prosperous life that allows them to take charge of their futures.

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The Farm Africa Gala

The Farm Africa Gala

The Farm Africa Gala took place on 21 April 2016, and raised £135,000 to help farming families in eastern Africa.

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Meet our new CEO

Meet our new CEO

Nicolas Mounard, our new CEO, on why he joined Farm Africa, and his hopes for our future.

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"I hope more women join these activities. We shouldn’t feel we are inferior or below men." https://t.co/eQ0VnYFfXI https://t.co/VUqVGiot84


Munaja is recruiting women to her local coffee cooperative. For her, coffee means empowerment. #coffeeislife https://t.co/67U6yEJp1S


#Didyouknow a coffee plant can live up to 200 years? We're helping to conserve coffee-producing regions in Ethiopia. https://t.co/qwRTtPeYOe


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